2004-06-13 09:31:53 ET

hellllllllllllllllloooooooo everybody i have just waken up going to go ride forewheelin so e'verybody wish me luck

2004-06-13 10:51:10 ET


see i had to yell so you'd hear me cause yo're already gone *nodnod*

2004-06-13 11:19:12 ET

LUCK! i love just ridin around except when i do it i go to utah on the sand dunes hehe it's grand fun.

2004-06-13 16:18:31 ET

thank you tash i almost didnt hear

sand dune huh that sounds cool i wanna go

2004-06-13 18:45:42 ET

maybe someday you can. i am going to get a new bike pretty soon i dunno what i want but it better be fun and fast hehehe

2004-06-14 17:10:10 ET

4weelin is funnnnnnnn............i go in woods by my aunts house

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