2004-06-16 21:14:36 ET

i have something to post now. (martin luther king voice) i have a dream. or something like that. i am getting the ink done (tattoo) i am getting on my left arm a dragon wrapped around all the way to my hand and i think im getting on my right arm teardrop in chinese with a dragon somewhere around it with a tear in its eye i dont know about that one though but none the less it will be cool. i am also after i get my job im going to save my money and buy some recording time so i'm like really really excited. so that is my post for tonight.

2004-06-16 21:16:57 ET

AWESOME i can't wait til i get my tattoos i just ot my tounge pierced. heh

2004-06-17 04:13:03 ET

wiki :) sounds like a cool plan, you going to draw it up yourself? if you dunno if you can or if you dunno anyone who can, you could always talk to "my" josh about it, he's a damn good artist. but i'm sure kandess has already told you all of that stuff, you guys have prolly already discussed it *nodnod* so i'll hush up now.

2004-06-17 11:46:04 ET

tasha: i think kandess was talking about when we go to the caoncert thing i think dont quote but i think his the one thats going to do my tattoo

marionette: what kind of tattoos are you getting

2004-06-17 16:02:40 ET

you'll be getting the chinese thing....in august when we go to that concert. HE ALSO WANTS TASH TO GET A TAT...yup

2004-06-17 19:11:42 ET

who also wants TASH TO GET A TAT? haha. i'm guessing "my" josh, he's always wanted me to get one, just a matter of speaking to the mother about it and getting the clear. which i'm doubting i'll be able to do, but it's worth a shot.

2004-06-17 19:14:04 ET

i hope you get the clear if im getting a tattoo everyone has too :) jk my mom will kill me

2004-06-17 19:15:41 ET

i got the clear for my first one, and mom said no more after that. i didn't however get the clear for my lip so then she really said no more. but i really really really want another one, and if i have to pick between the one with vi and the one for scotland it's going to be hard to pick which one i'd rather have

2004-06-17 19:17:54 ET

im confused are you getting a tattoo of vi or scotland im confused

2004-06-17 19:24:02 ET

hahah ok vi and i are getting a tattoo (possibly) of our planet signs combined.

oooorrrr i'm getting a tattoo that incorperates scotland, germany, and ireland. since those are my heritages. but it'll mostly be scottish stuff, as in the St. Andrews Cross flag, thistle, and prolly alba gu brath (scotland forever).

so the choice between the two, if mom makes me choose only one, will be difficult because they both mean a very lot to me.

2004-06-17 19:28:27 ET

thats cool

2004-06-17 19:30:16 ET

it needs a lot of work, both of the ideas do, but i know josh and i know he can help out a lot. he's awesome *nodnod* but i'm biased haha

2004-06-17 19:33:54 ET

well whatever you decide it sounds like a cool idea

2004-06-17 19:40:02 ET

well tank ya

2004-06-18 09:38:10 ET

heres a plan...get both tatts, but go for the tash/vi one for now, since it's smaller (i think) and that way she wouldn't have a LARGE fit, it'd only be a small one =) or just an idea.

2004-06-20 08:49:29 ET

srry i have been gone all weekend so i am really delayed but i am getting a fairy on my lower back and then on my shoulder i am getting maybe a snake or a scorpion notquite sure.

2004-06-20 09:12:43 ET

that would be neat

2004-06-20 09:16:03 ET

yeah i can't wait hehehehehhe

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