2004-06-18 14:24:56 ET

the path of a good man/woman is paved with nails and roads that split in two. cause without the pain you cannot strive to be better.

2004-06-18 14:32:18 ET

I think you meant roads that split in two.

Rather true though, truly good people are those who have been tested by life. Without hardship you will appreciate nothing but your own desires and have empathy for no man in hardship.

2004-06-18 15:10:33 ET

how is it i relate every post to Sting now..*shakes head* i'm soooo bizarre.

"what did not kill me, just made me tougher"

2004-06-18 15:55:30 ET

thanks i did mean in two.

2004-06-18 21:02:43 ET


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