The Pumpkin King
2004-06-18 21:47:37 ET

there are few how deny at what i do i am the best
my talents are renound far and wide
when it comes to suprizes in the moon lit night
i excel without ever even trying
with the slightest little effort of my ghost like charm
i have seen grown men give out a shriek
with the wave of my hand
in well placed mood
i have swept the very bravest off there feet
yet year after year its the same routine
and i grow so tired of the sound of the screams
have grown so tired of the same old things

oh somewhere deep inside of these bones
an emptyness began to grow
theres something out there far from my home
a longing that ive never known

that is one of the greatest movies in the world
jack kicks ass. but anyway i have had pretty good day
havent done much thought me and billy lost the dog but he was in the yard we walked down the hill and everything but we found him though so its coo well thats all for now.

2004-06-18 21:50:42 ET

i own 3 copies of that movie haha 2 vhs and 1 dvd ^_^ and you saw my extensive collection of yes..i do agree, that movie rawks.

it was also on HBO today.

and umm...hi *waves*

2004-06-18 21:53:10 ET

jack was on hbo i didnt know that
coo coo

2004-06-18 21:56:35 ET

indeed, it was on umm..HBOF is how it comes up, we have Direct TV so we have 5 or 6 HBO's

2004-06-18 22:28:29 ET

i have a friend who's also really obsessed with the movie, and she's 19. so it's not just you.

2004-06-18 22:49:54 ET

there is really only one thing i want above all other things and i believe they've quit selling them..*cries* which means they are probably a crap load of money to buy them now ..*le sigh* but one day i will get my jack mosaic picture.

2004-06-19 09:04:48 ET

i know your going to make fun and as cool as it sounds what does mosiac mean what is it

2004-06-19 10:51:52 ET

i'm not going to make fun ^_^ it's cool.

well ok, from far away it looks like it's just a picture of jack, but when you get up close to it, you see that it's made up of a bunch of little pictures from the movie.

mosaic is pretty much anything that's made up of pieces of other stuff, people do it with pieces of glass and rocks and all sorts of stuff. *nodnod* it's really cool looking though.

2004-06-19 22:31:57 ET

that would kick ass i want one

2004-06-19 22:33:17 ET

i did too, they had it at the disney store for near $100 but i couldn't afford it at the time, and i really can't afford it now haha.

2004-06-19 22:38:07 ET

wow thats alot of money

2004-06-19 22:38:43 ET

indeed it was. prolly could get it cheaper if you just bought the picture itself, instead of the picture already framed.

2004-06-20 09:13:40 ET

thats true

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