the journey
2004-06-19 22:37:07 ET

the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step
rifiki said that in loin king in a half and if you think about it. it makes sence. if you want your dreams to come true but you never make the first step how much closer are you your not. i guess im just thinking to much again. just wish i could make some people see that.

2004-06-19 22:40:18 ET

*yells really loud* we love you josh!!!

(we being moi and my pixie friends..^_^)

2004-06-19 22:49:31 ET

(yes and the midgit in her pocket)


Although i love the fact that you say that 'rifiki said that in LOIN king' that a porn?

2004-06-20 09:14:55 ET

lion king sorry

2004-06-20 15:22:38 ET

leave it up to kandess to turn a perfectly good serious nice post into..

"loin king, is that a porn?"


2004-06-20 20:18:16 ET

i know....but you guys love me

2004-06-20 21:09:26 ET

love ya

2004-06-20 21:47:53 ET


2004-06-21 09:11:55 ET

*sneaks in wearing all black...hides behind Josh and whispers*...Im a ninja...

2004-06-21 11:09:02 ET

*whispers* the fat man walks alone...

2004-06-21 13:51:51 ET

honey the fly was probly a stupid fly
iiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmm a ninja mmmmmmmoooooooommmmmmm she stole my line

2004-06-21 18:19:43 ET

it was not a stupid fly....*pouts and walks away*

2004-06-22 11:16:48 ET

i was jk it was probly the smartest fly in the world

2004-06-22 17:45:03 ET

exactly...and I killed it...

WITH my bare hands.

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