2004-06-30 14:33:53 ET

i just started writting this last night or better said this morning at like seven. but anyway im not done with it yet but i wanted to post it anyways.

anthems ring loud
when death is coated with smiles
empty souls for the dying youth
when skin is meet with scars

what have we become
what have we become

we are not wasted
we are not weak
but invented to belive
that reality is the cells
youve made for us

2004-06-30 19:29:45 ET

i like what you have so far..

and i got chocolate bubble gum *cheesie grin*

2004-06-30 19:32:27 ET

ohhhhh yeaaaah you know have you ever wondered what chocolate bubble gum would taste like i mean how could you mix chocolate and bubble gum well you know the more i think about it that might be cool

2004-06-30 19:33:23 ET

actually i've seen chocolate bubble gum before, but never had it.

and i think it may taste like a tootsie roll..of sorts

2004-06-30 19:42:41 ET

i can't see myself chawing on chocolate, chocolate is suppose to melt in your mouth

2004-06-30 19:44:03 ET

i like tootsie rolls

2004-06-30 19:44:58 ET

that would be cool it would be like a never ending bowl of warm ice cream

2004-06-30 19:45:31 ET

\hmm interesting way of thinking about it

2004-06-30 19:47:59 ET

agree with ya on that one

2004-06-30 20:39:48 ET

im running, im running...

im naked
and im running

2004-07-01 14:49:45 ET

ohhhhh yeaaaaah

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