chocolate bubble gum
2004-07-05 12:17:12 ET

today has been ok considering its like five in the day and ive been up for maybe an hour but thats cool im on my way to play some video games and take over the world hahahaha
so i just wanted to post to say hi to everyone im not even about to name them one by one but i wanted to say hi to everyone and thanks for your opinions and stuff like that. :)

2004-07-05 16:55:29 ET

*waves* hey there!!!

i almost got Invader Zim today, :( sad for me that i'm broke and didnt...but soon soon i tell you!!

*runs off singing the doom song* doom domdomdoomdomodmodmmdoooooommm

2004-07-05 17:30:20 ET

lol one day i will own all the episodes of invader zim i love that show. yes yes thats what i'll do i'll brain wash the people at the movie stores (yells) AND THEEEENNNNNNNN! (clears throat)
ahem did i say that out loud. disregard evrything i just said you know nothing of my plan nothing i say nothing

(runs off) im runnin im runnin im naked and im runnin

2004-07-05 17:54:29 ET

i know nothing of anything..of..what? umm..i'm lost..see it worked..

2004-07-06 14:03:57 ET

*watches ...from a distance of course, just for precaution* ...*cough* better

2004-07-06 14:50:03 ET

(yells) aqua teen can suck my nuts im the ruler of this world ahem dammit you know nothing (runs off laughing) hahahahahahahahahahahahah

2004-07-06 16:55:20 ET

...i shall ignore every part of that

2004-07-06 18:10:17 ET

athf is not better than invader zim! who can beat the doom song?! no one! that's who

2004-07-07 00:17:17 ET

*growls* guys suck

2004-07-07 00:53:47 ET

yes we are victorious over you athf shit hahahahahaha

2004-07-07 09:06:53 ET

*does the victory dance, whatever that dance is...singing the doom song* dooomdoomdoom doomdoom

2004-07-07 12:09:10 ET

doomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoom (evil laugh)

2004-07-07 12:25:54 ET

leaving doesn't exactly mean you two are victorious...*evil stare* besides, i know the truth...and thats all thats needed

2004-07-07 15:42:49 ET

(yells while lifting hands in the air) truth about what you have nothing (puts one hand down and the other hand is scratching his head) right

2004-07-07 17:10:23 ET

kandess loses, majority rules!

2004-07-07 17:37:39 ET

doom doomdoomdoodoomdoom we win

2004-07-07 17:38:16 ET

^_^ yay! do we get chocolate bubble gum?

2004-07-07 17:42:26 ET

we got chocolate bubble gum

2004-07-07 17:44:23 ET

...I shall never forgive you both

2004-07-07 17:46:13 ET

ok i know you'll forgive him the moment he looks at you and says "love you" or "dimme tiss" or "honey, will you play halo with me" so don't even go there.

now me on the other hadn, you may never forgive haha

2004-07-07 17:47:05 ET



either of you...

2004-07-07 17:49:18 ET

yes you will pleeeeeeaaaaase i'll be good

2004-07-07 20:50:45 ET'll be good....why do i highly doubt such a claim

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