2004-07-07 16:07:45 ET

whitout pain there is no peace without peace there is no pain you cant have one without the other you cant live an entire life and never go through some kind of struggle....right? cause how can you grow as a person if you have never strived for anything if youve never been in some kind of struggle. and if thats true why wont the people that come to you for advice never listen. and i know its not what they want to hear but if you always tell them it will be ok even when you know it wont would that not be lying. im sorry to bore eveyone with this post its what happens when ive been thinking alot. thats all for today. bye for now

2004-07-07 17:13:50 ET

josh, i totally agree. i've pretty much given up on giving people advice. i'm not to keen on dishing it out to people who don't listen to it.

i know i don't have all the answers, but when i'm sure of something i'm sure of it because either i've been in the situation before, or someone i know has, and i've seen how it turns out. and no one listens.

it's my new motto: no one listens.

2004-07-07 17:30:02 ET

i sorry tasha :(

2004-07-07 17:40:22 ET

what's to be sorry about?

i just give the one has to listen to me.

2004-07-07 17:40:39 ET

true dat

2004-07-07 17:41:31 ET

ive tried to tell myself i wont but it feels like i should be getting paid because ive known him for 20 years and he always says i need help with this or that but he never listens

2004-07-07 17:43:31 ET

i'm the "resident psychiatrist" for pretty much everyone in my life right now. i dont' get paid cause i think in order to get paid, you'd have to be helping in some way, and when peeps dont' listen, you don't really help much. other than to be a bouncing board for them to tell you whats wrong and stuff

2004-07-07 17:46:34 ET

*cough cough* ....exactly...

2004-07-07 17:50:43 ET

i know what you mean

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