important anouncement
2004-07-30 11:34:48 ET

i am naked once again got sick of clothes they itch now i can be free again fralecks through feild

2004-07-30 19:24:46 ET

that was an overshare

2004-07-31 17:54:25 ET

everyone should fralec through feild naked atleast once

2004-08-01 12:21:01 ET

i deeply enjoy the way you spell frollic

2004-08-01 18:22:48 ET

i wasn't going to say a word

2004-08-02 06:43:22 ET

so i cant spell mmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooommmmmmmm theyre making fun of me

2004-08-02 07:30:47 ET

hehe *giggles*

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