2004-07-31 18:29:55 ET

to never love is to never live
to love is to know even if tomorrow never comes
you were alive

kandess is in intensive care the doctors say that she will be ok but im really worried about her. she is the only one that has loved me enough to keep such a loser. i miss her so much. oh i guess you would like to know why huh she was at work and her blood preasure shot up i cant remember what it was but its bad her arms went num and everything i miss her so much. i think thiers something cutting off the blood stream but i dont know just if you pray pray if you dont keep her in your thoughts hugs to all

2004-07-31 20:24:20 ET

"What I want most in the world is to find the one person who makes the world seem beautiful...There are millions of people in the world, but in the end, it all comes down to one..."

2004-08-01 07:47:57 ET

*hugs and condolances* everything will be fine...just wait and see...be sure to keep us posted on how the lovely ms. kandi is !!! *hugs* hang in there..... love conquers all even when it hurts! your amazing and so is she. nothing will keep that from being so!!!! <333 sandy

2004-08-01 12:11:23 ET

thank you everybody. tasha, kandess certanly makes the world seem beautifull i agree in the end it comes down to one im happy i found my one its a beauty that not everyone gets to experence

ms sandy (hugs) thank you for the encouragement shes doing fine now she was worring me and that comeing from me is very rare theres not much i worry about. shes home now the doctors say they dont know if it was an anxiety attack or what but none the less shes home.

thank you both hugs to all

2004-08-01 12:22:11 ET

*sniffles* ...I love you

2004-08-02 06:45:12 ET

(crying grr voice) i love you

2004-08-02 07:31:10 ET

*smiles* you're adorable

2004-08-02 11:41:58 ET

awww you guys are fucking adorable! *hugs for the both of you*

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