im bacccccccccccck! hehe....and im not sun burnt!    2004-07-31 11:23:31 ET
well well back, and jamacia was GREAT! i had soooo much fun, i miss it and i wanna go back...prolly next year. i did so much and i met so many great ppl while i was there. it was sooooooooo beautiful, tha ocean, and tha ppl, and just everything they had 2 offer. it was so great.

I went swimmin with tha dolphins, and went scuba diving, but i didnt find nemo, and i was saddend.....but anyway. i miss it!!!!!!!!! and what supprised tha hell outta me was that i didnt get sunburnt... tha places i spent most of tha time was tha swim up bar in tha pool, and tha other bar, i was drunk most of my trip, but its ok, no 1 cared...they didnt card me... so it was ok......hehehe and on top of that they farkin lost my luggage!! i hate PHILLY! and thats where they were......i was like dear god coould they be anymore ignorant 2 put my stuff on another plane....and on top of that we thought our plane had already taken off, and i didnt, so there 4 we wernt late 2 get on and tha reason tha plane was delayed is cuz they didnt have a farkin sturtess.....damn slow ignorant ppl! piss me OFF!!!

so anyway.....we got home, waited 4 our luggage, we called tha airport in DC, and they said it would b like 5 hours 4 our stuff 2 arrive at out house, and we called at like 11am, out stuff got 2 us at like 9 o'clock...i was soo pissed, thankfuly nothing broke, my liquer was ok, and so was tha lil glass piece i bought ;) hehe..... u no what im talking about *Muhahahahahah* im so bad...

i miss jamaica....ya mon! no problem!

 jamaica HERE I COME!    2004-07-19 16:26:02 ET
so yeah.jamaica...its gonna b great im gonna sit my ass on tha beach and prolly fall asleep and get soooo sun burnt and such, but if i do... its ok.ill live....*i hope* haha

but any ways.....ill be gone 4 a week...till then children..tata! loves u guys....

and btw.its my 50th journal entry:) happy happy joy joy:)

 sumtimes i just wanna put on a bunny suit and just farkin scream...    2004-07-16 17:42:32 ET
so ok yeah....i do wanna scream.AHHHHHHHHHH! but u no shit happends......

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