Ok I can stand it now    2002-08-02 08:43:50 ET
I have really soft skin,and I have fat. The two are a bad mix if you don't being touched. I didn't well it was annoying,just like ppl saying "Ohhhh, i wish I had a little belly like yours!Its all softa squishy!" Well I have cute fat, and I am ok with that,now. Its good how I can deal with thing or I would all kinds of crazy by now. So I am a universal teddi bear. Oh well, Atleast ppl will talk to me, some,even if they aren't really friends atleast I am not hated.

 I am bored and no one will talk to me    2002-08-02 08:24:46 ET

My jeans look sooo good on me, I am wearing them, ha but no shrit still , but that is ok cuz my bra rocks.

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