Cold and lonely    2002-08-02 07:23:00 ET
My mom says I can't hug her anymore cuz I have boobs.

It is cold and boreing, But I am still not dressed. So Jess will be complaining about how cold it is , wait until the winter!

Jess is with her mom
Tiff is grounded.
Sasha is on bedrest.
Christian is with doug.
ppl on a seven day backpacing trip:
Oh one more resson to want to go back to school.
Ha!Only to be hated be the gurls,well jelous....Ha, it is good I don't cuse.

 I don't like jess's father    2002-08-01 15:45:15 ET
When I am home alone I walk around in my underclothes, but when ppl come home I have to get dressed. Well one day I was changing shrits/making lunch for jess and well I don't care if jess sees me in my bra.Anyway My father happend to come home so i had to run up stairs and put a shrit on. Well Jess told her fathe rthat this happens alot, Well he said"She walks around in her bra? Why don't you do that for me?" That sick bastard 1st if all I just Like being unclothed for me, I don't do it for anyone else, exspecially not for my father! and 2nd of all, my father dosn't even let me wear nail polish do you think he would let me walk around with no shrit on? Hell No! Jess's father is a sick raceist bastard.

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