2002-07-31 11:59:29 ET
I got all my school suplies, pants, brs, and eye-shadow, for $30.

I got another nose bleed woo-hoo,went to the doctor, he thinks there is something wrong with me, but this has nothing to with the nose bleeds.

Today is going pretty well, lets hope it stays that way.

 Woo, I love my friends, They love to kick when I am down.    2002-07-30 19:30:07 ET
Ya know what?I come over to tiffs i hang out with her and she spends 90% of her time on the computer. Man I go on for ten minutes and she gets pissed. But it's her computer. Well now I have no friends I am really unwanted. O well, Off to bed, if am lucky i wont WAKE UP. O-well no one cares bye.

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