MY SOUL IS GUNNA DIE SOON    2002-07-26 15:44:49 ET
thats all

     2002-07-26 15:29:23 ET
I was gunna go to tiffs.Well her mother was gunna give me a ride but I had to go to a meeting,So franks mom was gunna give me a ride,But she is having back pain,so I asked I my mouther for I ride. Thats all I did and my Father started to yell at me "NO,Hell no,Did you even ask me?"But did ask my mother she was the only one I could get a hold of,He is never home and I have no way to reach him.then He started to yell at for stuf that happend a long time ago,and if he sees me being upset,I will just be yell at some more. I didn't break rules,I didn't do anything wrong,Why am I being punished.

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