Whats with ppl and quite    2002-07-26 11:05:24 ET
I don't know about you, But I don't like the sound of nothing.People here always want quite.It was kinda wrong cuz I want to a concert and they couldn't open the top, And I couldn't really hear the music,well I could but,Well you know sound thaat tv snow makes,well it was like that only louder,it still rocked,but anyway.Or in denver they had to end it at 10:30 becuse the residents didn't allow loudness after 11:00, Denver,our biggest city. Anyway I don't understand how people can stand quite.But there are alot of things I don't understand, like tanning beds,why would you pay to get cancer?

 Jess    2002-07-26 09:14:24 ET
Lets go for a walk !

one sunburn isn't gunna hurt you!


Nah I wanna tan!

Stay away from the sunscreen!

Ewww,how can you think he is hot!

Fat ass!

Lazy ass!




I didn't get sleep either,but I am not tired!

Its my house I do whatever the hell I want!

Yeah, you are not makeing a nice impression on my mom!

I am the guest I can do whatever the hell I want!

Gee, I guess I will just stay here all alone,cuz I have no friends!

I hate boring ppl!

I hate quite ppl!

Well,when I have been around you all day I HATE FUCKING NOISE!!

Woo-Hoo, I love my friends


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