Ok so mabey    2002-07-20 06:47:26 ET
So mabey I won't mabey I will just forgive and forget, I always do, Then I will be a super hot door mat.Oh well.

 Ok so one day,    2002-07-20 06:46:04 ET
When I am famous,rich,and super hot,I will have my high school reunion, whatever, anyway, teleivised. Then all the people that ignored me, or insulted me, or decided to hate cuz i looked stange will come up to me and say"Hey!remeber me? we had some good times togther eeh?"and then I will look at them and say "Damn striat I remeber ya!Now get the hell outta my face,LOSER!" Now mabey they might have changed or mabey they have 8kids and no jod,but hey thats the way revenge works.

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