2002-07-18 12:40:52 ET
Well I am unhappy again. I don't now why. I want to just stay happy, but I can't. I think there is something wrong with me. there are pleanty of people that grow up with nothing and are greatful. People that only had one friend or no friends that grow uop and contribute to the commmunity, are happy ,raise good chrildern. But I feel horriable and don't know why. I have a good life, I think. Well mostly good.I don't know I'm not happy.
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 Thats too bad    2002-07-18 09:34:39 ET
I went to Tiff's last night,It was fun.There was no food. I thought today was gunna suck cuz Tiff's mom uses us as slave labor. But she was in a good mood today. She was starting to think we were noraml for a wile.Until Tiff stared to talk about boots.
Me: You know what atracts me?
Her mom:Boots? Did you say boots?
Her mom:Boots?
Tiff:yeah boots rock, they are Gods gift.
Me:And weird socks.
Her mom:Boots?Boots?
Me:I love my boots.
Her mom:What if you have to wear shorts.
Tiff:If you get the right boots and the right shorts it'll work. But you know what rocks?
Her mom:???
Tiff:Boots and mini skirts!
Her mom:Boots? You guys are soo strange!

Well we were doing fine.

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