I do    2002-07-16 16:58:49 ET
I was talking to my my mom when i said that I look like a
doll, she said "yeah you do,you look like a model." which
is odd cuz when i was little my mother would tell that
i would never be beautiful.I would just be slightly more than adverage,and that was all i could hope for.

 well I had a good day    2002-07-16 11:53:36 ET
I had a great day,but i'm not happy I don't why.I was happy til i looked in the mirror. I look like doll,it really pisses me off.I look like doll and am treated like a teddibear. I could look differnt but then my father would yell at me. If I was white I would look like somthing on your grandmas shelf. I feel like a doll, exsept not kept in a glass glass case,but a barbed wire one. One that keeps everyone from touching me,and me from touching them.

Well I'ne been unhappy for some time now, don't know why but, I hope i feel happy soon.

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