So should I just curl into a ball and die??    2002-07-15 14:15:32 ET
So my father hates everything about me. I never hear anything nice about me come out of his mouth unless it involes something that he wants to do,like horse back riding,and that is only half the time. He hates my shoes,my colthes... He always yells at mefor everything:what is that black nail polish I don't think so,Its out there your just not looking hard enough,I can't beleive that your mother let buy that shit,turn that shit off, turn that shit down... I get yelled at if I laugh, yelled at if I cry,yelled at if I have my own oppion.He dosen't want me he wants clean cut barbie. It only makes it harder that I love my famly so much. So unhappy.

 So i went to this camp    2002-07-14 14:41:10 ET
Ok so I went to a camp,it was fun. I was odd we were aloud to do what we wanted basicly. We just couldn't have drugs alchole or sex. There was other minor rules, but that was the jist of things.

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