2002-07-12 05:47:28 ET
So anyway my father says he is gonning to take the computer away,I don't know when or why he is doing this but he is.But I'm half happy half sad cuz soon it won't be his chioce cuz my mommi is geting a new one.But then after a while he will take it over too.Just like he dose everthing, stereo,4me, he takes control of it,phone,4me, he takes control again.

O well listening music,The type were you bump and grid tolike a soul train whore,but not for long.Next?Time to wake the neighbors!:)

 Jess,jess ,jess...    2002-07-11 16:25:35 ET
Well jess came over today,Told me about her new boyfriend,then we faught again.

Well you see she said my mother is weird cuz she dosen't listen to music,she likes slilence.But whenever I'm with her she never listens to music,or anything Perfectly quite.
So I asked her why that is and she's says"Cuz when I am around you all day I hate fucking noise." so I started to make all this rackect and she starts to though things.Then later she askes me why I never come over anymore.I do though.

Neway shes over my loudness now.Although everyone else thinks I am a gererally quite person.

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