As of now.
2003-12-21 07:29:36 ET

I own two pieces of make-up black eye-liner, black maskera. It fits in my hand. Yet, I am still feeling too lazy to put it on. I don't think I am real girl.

2003-12-21 07:31:27 ET

yeah, better then my eyeliner, mnascera, eyeshadow, cream cover up, blush etc etc etc.

your face wont be as clogged.

2003-12-21 08:09:44 ET

haha are you an artificial girl then crstal??

2003-12-21 12:53:11 ET

Yes, real gurls own tons of make-up. And act a little(lot) differnt than I do.

2003-12-21 14:09:14 ET

then I'm artificial too.

2003-12-21 17:19:27 ET


2003-12-21 18:21:58 ET

lol. i own way too much makeup. you are a real girl, you just express yourself differently

2003-12-21 18:24:14 ET


2003-12-21 21:28:16 ET

this is like pinocchio "I'm a real boy!!"

2003-12-22 09:58:13 ET

Yeah, I was thinkin'.

2003-12-22 13:35:48 ET

i dont own alot of make up. I don't think that makes you artificial , if anything it makes you oone of the only real girls out there !

2003-12-22 17:42:02 ET look like a you have a penis?

2003-12-22 18:29:37 ET

No I don't. Do you?

2003-12-23 12:32:04 ET

yea, i do. you are a girl. yer just not one of those barbie fucks.

2003-12-23 14:29:04 ET

Oh how sweet

2003-12-23 16:43:36 ET

haha. yea.

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