my day
2003-07-31 08:22:05 ET

was bad. real bad.
woke up too early today to go buy some constraction supplies. i really hate hardwear stores.
got back home and tried to pass a quiet day-off by reading and sleeping.
my mom and dad wanted me to clean the trailer we got in our back yard. well, it used to be a trailer, now its the "storage space of DOOOOOOOOOOOM"!!!!
so i spent the entire day moving crates and replacing walls with my dad's workers. with a quick run to the doctor in the middle (i'm gonna be poked on sunday. yay!!!).
key words for today:
-mirror ball

fun is just puring outta my ears.
oh wait.
thats not fun.

2003-07-31 10:13:32 ET

you are too cute.

spiders are toooooo scary.

what book are you going to read?

2003-07-31 11:59:19 ET

Aw! :(
Why poked???

wanna come see T3 wif me?

2003-07-31 20:48:32 ET


2003-07-31 21:58:16 ET

I'm sorry you're in the doldrums lately. Man, cleaning when all you want to do is chill has to be one of the worst things. Grrr.
And in your previous post, I know what you mean about the strange feelings regarding people. Since I am here, I desperately want to get to know people, but when I am around them, I am having fun, while at the same time feeling my lonliness sort of pronounced, since I don't know anyone very well. Liek I'm totally unsure of their angle and shit. Man, Sartre will be right for the rest of time.

2003-07-31 23:29:30 ET

heh,riotchick,I was talking to the person who actually lives here ;)
thought we might just make it if I'll fly over or something

2003-08-01 04:49:41 ET

riot: i'm not cute. i'm tuff'n'mean!!!! ;) and i HATE spiders. i fear them because in some way they look smarter then us. i just finished "american gods" for the 3rd time; i gotta do some book shoping.
noa: blood tests. its because of my 5 minuetes colapses. sure we can see T3, arnie always makes me laugh.
lila:I was actually planning to clean that place up for a long time... but it came out really outta place yesterday. but it looks kewl now; i might even move in there for awhile when i'll get back from ausie.
and you described it perfectly. people differant angles are the most beutiful and yet scariest thing ever. but i guess that you feel that stuff only when you're sober :))) again, thanks for that comment.

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