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At age 15 I ran away from home to join the circus. I was the best bearded lady EVER!!!
Nowadays, i keep myself busy with classes, general anthropological research concerning contemporary culture (watching alot of TV) and various forms of mail-scams.

 Its funny.    2007-02-26 11:13:26 ET
i dont really know what this entry is all about.
i just wanted to do it for some reason.
considering the fact that my last post was in 2005 or so... i guess i just wondered what is going on in SK. its funny, those things you do when you try to avoid writing a paper.

 just for the record    2005-05-11 01:22:02 ET
its been so long since i've been so focused and yet so confused.
days fuse into nights into days into nights again.
i guess i'm sitting on the "lost&found" shelves again.
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 pickaboo    2005-04-03 03:32:22 ET
its cold.
and its raining.
and i have no money or place to stay at.
god, it's good to be back home.

 so... eh...    2005-03-25 18:40:31 ET
anyone wants something from bangkok?
full moon was ok, not more then that though, and the ride back to bangkok was hell, but i think i'm getting used to it. so i got in my chalender two days of intense shopping in the city that all products got certificates of un-authentincy. and then... drifting again.
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 life in still    2005-03-18 19:51:36 ET
been almost a week since i arrived in chaluklum bay, and i havnt moved since... just sitting around all day long, reading in my hammok, swimming, playing pool, eating loads and drinking more beer then water.
had a chance to practice my poor guitar skills but for my disappointment, my finger is still totally fact from that bamboo-raft accident i had a couple of weeks ago...
what else can i say?
wont be long now...

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