2005-04-03 03:32:22 ET

its cold.
and its raining.
and i have no money or place to stay at.
god, it's good to be back home.

2005-04-03 09:15:08 ET

you're back!!! welcome home!!! ^______^

2005-04-03 12:37:05 ET

Have you passed the DDT disinfection unit yet?

2005-04-03 22:31:40 ET

thank you maya...
and asaf, although i'm moving into a caravan, i did'nt get my DDT fix yet :(

2005-04-04 21:14:25 ET

Ah who cares, here's a big welcome back brother hug ()

2005-04-05 08:03:23 ET


2005-04-05 23:08:46 ET


2005-04-06 09:51:29 ET

oh em geeeeeee

2005-04-07 09:45:49 ET

מתי רואים?:)

2005-04-08 06:58:52 ET

tonight at ze club?

2005-04-08 10:32:19 ET


2005-04-09 09:28:59 ET


2005-04-10 16:30:38 ET

Listen man you know I like you but sometimes you gotta face the awful truth, so allow me to pour some building criticism: your new glasses are somewhat... er... GAE.

2005-04-11 00:39:23 ET


2005-04-11 07:17:04 ET

eh... so?
i'm out of the closet dude...

NOT! :)

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