long time    2004-10-19 20:49:55 ET
i really dunno if someone is reading that... but if so:
i'm on the road again!!! i left sydney about a week ago and i'm in byron bay at the moment... life is good, our car is a sweetheart and i'm toying with the idea of going to fiji for a week or so...
hmm... thats it.

 its hailing outside    2004-09-04 21:40:51 ET
nothing to do with this entry, just mentioning a fact.
so, just a quick update, because nothing interasting happened lately:
- still working in construction, braking walls, playing with cement and making beutiful music with the jackhammer
- still living in that rancid comfy drug-lair i call home. and still sleeping on the sofa when roomates bring girls over.
- still looking for a car. went teasing desperate people in the car market today. fun fun fun!
- still trying to expend my guitar skills. still no success.
- still writing unsegnificant entries

 just a lil' cog in the machine    2004-08-12 23:02:28 ET
thank god its friday.
i cant cope with that routin... every day, same shit:
wake up at 6 AM, make some food, walk to the bus (listening to the-the's "this is the day". ironic, isnt it?:))
breaking rocks all day long, that my hands keep viberating even after the jack-hammer is turned off, count the minuetes, walk back from the bus (with hole's "reasons to be beutiful". dont ask why)
(not enough)


so whats new afte all?
- saw a dashboard confessional gig.
- got sick (not realated to the gig) (maybe it is?)
- went surfing.
- quit smoking (shhhh dont jinx it)
- i'm looking for a van now. hooray for the "bum in a van" life!

thats it.

 shifting    2004-08-01 01:05:24 ET
well, after realizing that the cooking world isnt ready for my briliant talent yet, i became a construction worker. sometimes when i come to work in mornings i wanna shout "hey mommy, look! i joined the village people!" but then i'm afraid one of my co-workers will pull out his cop costume. this australian guys can be scary sometimes, you know.
well, now its all work, beer, sleep and surfing, all coated with a thick lair of purple haze...
cant wait to be on the move again.

 all hail the chef    2004-07-13 17:55:42 ET
got a job as a part time chef in a resturant here. horray for me! (but do yourself a favour and dont go eat there).


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