2004-08-01 01:05:24 ET

well, after realizing that the cooking world isnt ready for my briliant talent yet, i became a construction worker. sometimes when i come to work in mornings i wanna shout "hey mommy, look! i joined the village people!" but then i'm afraid one of my co-workers will pull out his cop costume. this australian guys can be scary sometimes, you know.
well, now its all work, beer, sleep and surfing, all coated with a thick lair of purple haze...
cant wait to be on the move again.

2004-08-01 01:12:13 ET

i read that entry over and over again, and completely didn't get you :)

2004-08-01 02:46:03 ET

I did

dude, come baaaack

2004-08-01 02:46:12 ET

or better:

send me a tickettttttttt

2004-08-03 00:15:52 ET

noa: i read it now and i still didnt understand it myself
shay: expect a thick envelope in the mail with "quantas airlines" written all over it. and watch out for the complimentry white powder. muahahah anthrex is fun.

2004-08-03 02:46:44 ET


2004-08-12 09:27:15 ET

move?where else?
so, have you lived in new zealand as well?

2004-08-12 22:50:17 ET

to actually LEAVE sydney.
its like my entire trip got frozen all of a sudden:)
i've spent about 2 months in NZ... cant wait to get back there in january!!! the most amazing place on earth.

2004-08-13 18:06:20 ET

ha-ha =)
so, are you travelling around, or are you actually looking for a place to settle down? heh,sorry for all of the questions, i am just extremely curious, 'cause i have never seen people who lead their lives as intensive as you do =)

2004-08-17 23:32:55 ET

intensive? :) i'm just drifting...
no, i'm not looking for a place tp settle down; as odd as it is, i actually like it back home. right now i'm just hopping around in the south-pacific area - and i'm broke:) so i gotta work for a bit to score enough cash to buy a car.
story of my life - end of chapter 28563

2004-09-01 11:10:26 ET

hm, nice =)
it is probably great when you are free, and leading such a life. maybe i should try that some time, maybe everyone should just let go, and travel...
good luck with the car, and i hope i am going to hear more about your traveling experience =)

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