life in still
2005-03-18 19:51:36 ET

been almost a week since i arrived in chaluklum bay, and i havnt moved since... just sitting around all day long, reading in my hammok, swimming, playing pool, eating loads and drinking more beer then water.
had a chance to practice my poor guitar skills but for my disappointment, my finger is still totally fact from that bamboo-raft accident i had a couple of weeks ago...
what else can i say?
wont be long now...

2005-03-19 06:21:23 ET

save me some of that heaven, aye

2005-03-19 22:04:57 ET

i'll try to get a hold of some stoke-shares for you, al-capitano.

2005-03-20 01:04:12 ET

danke schoen mon frerrrr

2005-03-20 04:31:16 ET

not german!!!!!!!!
i'm serounded by german all day longgggggggggggggggggggg

2005-03-20 07:22:24 ET

Oh, haven't you heard?
The Germans have taken over the world.

2005-03-20 11:32:45 ET

You mean "Zee Germanz", ja?

2005-03-20 11:54:05 ET

Who took the jam outta your doughnut, Turkish?

2005-03-21 20:53:22 ET


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