2003-08-01 18:14:36 ET

went to this club today. bore bore bore.
nothing can bring you down like going home alone. especially when you crave not to.
oh well, at least i was outside.

got bored, uploaded pics as a public service for all those poor bulimic people that are having hard time to throw up.

2003-08-01 18:52:47 ET

what is dat new gay avatar?
get a haircut dude!!

2003-08-02 05:40:33 ET

i like my hair that way.

2003-08-04 00:10:12 ET

Man, I understand that feeling of going home alone when you'd really prefer not to. It's like someone poured rat poison into your chest.
I like the new pictures; they have a nice color scheme going on. You've lost some serious weight there, yo!

2003-08-05 14:26:33 ET

we think he's been eating treeslugs for the past three weeks.

2003-08-05 14:27:51 ET

no, he's been eatin' d..*cencored* ;)

2003-08-05 14:38:43 ET

no treeslugs. i'm a veggie.
maybe soye treeslugs.......

i am not gay.

2003-08-05 14:41:24 ET

I know.

2003-08-05 14:41:59 ET

dont chuckle!!!
i can hear you young lady!!!

2003-08-05 14:45:02 ET


2003-08-06 03:19:12 ET

dunkin d' nuts!!!

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