art shmart
2003-08-06 01:33:31 ET

got bored this morning so i made this:

i just love garbage days.

2003-08-06 01:53:54 ET

I'm bored right now; I miss my boyfriend. :(

2003-08-06 05:22:06 ET

what is it?

2003-08-06 07:09:42 ET

lila: oh... :(((

noa: i turned an old 1985 "apple" screen into a lamp. demonic lamp.

2003-08-06 07:11:35 ET


2003-08-06 07:54:24 ET

vveerrru moce/

2003-08-06 07:54:30 ET

crap, very nice.

2003-08-06 12:41:10 ET

thank you:))

see noa, why cant you be nice like that? ;)

2003-08-06 12:45:19 ET

נה נה נה נה
יא סייבר בחשן

2003-08-06 12:49:50 ET

בחשן??? מה???

2003-08-06 12:51:32 ET

yeah, you!

2003-08-06 13:29:50 ET

are there little people inside of that?

2003-08-06 13:34:38 ET

cute little boi and SATAN!!!!!

2003-08-06 15:56:17 ET

i like

2003-08-06 22:18:27 ET

Sorry about my lame emo post; I should be flogged.
I like it too; it's bizarre.
I also like how you and Noa had a mini conversation in Hebrew and then she says, "Yeah, you!" Hahahahaha; it's like one of those jokes that someone walks in on at the end.

2003-08-07 00:57:48 ET

lila: what emo post?;)
what scares me the most is that me and noa got those conversations in real life as well.....
asaf: thanx man.

2003-08-07 04:05:13 ET

The colour of faded black, minus a letter to rate movies for the adult crowd = you. :P

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