there is always something in the air...
2003-08-10 04:56:36 ET

suds and soda mix ok with beer.
seating by my computer with earplugs because my little bro'n'sis and their abnoxious little friends are making home-videos downstairs as a tribute to a local soap-opera.grrrr.
friday was weird: the party was ok, even more then ok, but it seems that my batteries went dead for some reason. i wanted to dance and have fun, but all i did was to sit around and stare.
yesterday i woke up pretty late. it was almost sunset... anyway me and a couple of friends went surfing. it was kindda funny: i fell off this wave and got burried under it, and after that i squirted sea-water from my nose for the entire evening (i cant count the amount of times i reapeted the phrase:"oh shit").
when it got dark we went back to my place, ate tons of leftovers, watched "blue crush" for the 300 time (its the DUMBEST surf movie ever. i like it!) and just set around in my room for two hours, laughing about nothing. i guess we got high on the orange juice (like, 6 liters i think).

another week started. why oh why.

2003-08-10 04:59:21 ET

suds? like soap suds?

2003-08-10 05:02:03 ET

yhea. soap is yummy. especially the moisteraiser kind :)

2003-08-10 06:55:44 ET

moistraiser. like "hellraiser"? :P

dude...I think yer brother is growing to be you.

2003-08-10 08:56:46 ET

yhea, i can tell your mom is a schoolteacher. grammer bitch :)

and my brother should be so lucky.

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