2003-08-13 04:21:46 ET

last night we and a couple of friends went to celebrate my friend's birthday. so to hounor the occation, we drove up north to see a "mashina" concert. it was kindda nice: we messed up with this security guy's head, took a walk in the woods, drank beer and stuff like that. the concert took place at the Achziv beach, which is this beutiful beach with hugh waves crashin'...
the worm-up acts included a israeli punk-pop band and this weird electro-kid that made the crowd real cranky.
the concert itself was fuuuuuuun but i got to the solid conclusion that i cant stand the crowd that comes to those events. in my opinion, the crowd is a hugh part of the concert, and this crowd just SUCKED. bunch of obnoxious kids talking in their cell-phones during the concert, whining "who shoved me?" and stuff like that, and dont know shit about the music. so i dont think i'm going to a mainstream gig again untill i'm like... 30.
after the show we drove home (not wise; almost fell asleep 3 times) and crashed. my family took off to spain, so we slept 'till noon uninterupted... joy!
i think i'll inflate a pool and go chill in my back yard for now.

=np: babes in toyland - bruise violet=

2003-08-13 04:34:40 ET

AHHHH! DUDE! You speak my words. I have said this like 800 times before in real life but not here on sk.net (as far as I know): the crowd MAKES or BREAKS the concert. For real! I stopped going to shows in Chicago because the crowds sucked so much; shows weren't even fun. People were to busy, like you said, checking their cell phones, looking at each others outfits, having transparent conversations, and not even looking at the stage half the time. At industrial shows no less! When I went to shows in Boston, they RULED. Shows in California, RULED. Crowds really do make 50% of the show.

2003-08-13 11:27:43 ET

hey, sounds horrid. but...spain? why? where? when? WHY OH WHY?

2003-08-13 16:19:42 ET

I dig the new pics.

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