just another week is here
2003-09-14 00:36:05 ET

yesterday a friend came over. we got bored so i let her mess up my hair:

hmmm.... so friday i was in meirav's birthday bash, and last night i went to this really nice "indie grrrrl" party. and now its back to my life as a class A slave.

2003-09-14 05:37:00 ET

You have so many little buddies that join you in your photographs; are you secretly living in a land of make believe where stuffed animals come to life, like in Labrinth?

2003-09-14 05:57:13 ET

um,what *is* that thing?

2003-09-14 12:19:23 ET

R u wiiling to dye my hair with that thing on?

2003-09-14 15:37:27 ET

my little buddies understand me. we're having tea parties!

2003-09-15 12:05:02 ET

They are not your friends.

How was the indie grrl night?

2003-09-15 16:04:45 ET

at least they are not my lovers. but the way things are going, it wont be long before i'll find myself humpin' my harley queen doll.
oh, and the evening kicked ass... so much good music!!!

2003-09-15 18:01:45 ET


2003-09-16 00:38:31 ET

Well I'm not even going into this 0_o

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