its those little things...
2003-10-07 16:22:57 ET

like sitting in bed all morning being a huge lazy-ass and listening to cheesy pop-punk for no particular reason.
yep its those little things that make your day.
=np: pretty girls make graves - more sweet soul=

2003-10-07 16:23:43 ET

great, isnt it?

2003-10-07 16:25:53 ET

yhea, i re-discovered the art of being a total waste of space.

2003-10-07 16:27:08 ET


2003-10-07 18:05:07 ET

little things.

I'm here at work now.
drinking coffee to keep me thru the remaining two hours.
all the birds making wierd noises outside.
sun is coming up.
I have nothing to do.


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