2003-10-13 06:12:48 ET

so... paris.
i just left the modern art museum. it was kinda fun for an artsy place: maybe i gotten a little less ape-minded.
there's something horribly wrong about this city. everything is so beutiful and magical, and yet, at the same time i cant help but feeling rote, decay and detachment all around me. i guess thats why i hate old cities; i feel that their overcharged with history, lives, ideas... there isnt a single clean spot. i cant say that i do not enjoy my stay here, but yet, i feel SO out of place.
and no one speaks english here!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))

well, enough with the moping. disneyland tomorrow!

p.s: anyone knows of a good club around here?

2003-10-13 10:54:19 ET

eurodisney rulessssssssssssssssss
go on the magic mountain ride, it kicks ass.

2003-10-14 13:06:29 ET

If I'm not mistaken there's a goth-electro-industrial club in Paris on a boat.
That sounds sorta nifty. Google it.

Other than that... Sounds terrific d00d! Don't let the frenchies get to ya; afterall, if you can handle Noa, you can take em' all down ;)

2003-10-14 13:29:32 ET

go to hell and die, biaatch :P

2003-10-15 16:59:30 ET

hehehe, will do.

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