everything must GO.
2003-10-19 11:48:12 ET

since noon all i've been doing, non-stop, was to throw away every singel piece of junk in my room.
10 years of junk.
boxes, papers, electric shit, old love letters, photos, stories, cloths, toys... and with every item i threw away i felt as if i trow away all emotional baggage attached to it.
although im all sweaty and covered with a thick lair of dust, for the first time in a long long piriod i feel almost...

2003-10-19 11:51:20 ET

i could never do that.. i hold on to everything.

2003-10-19 11:57:57 ET

so do i.
thats why it felt so strange.
but when i walk into my room now its like a "nothing holds me down" feeling.

2003-10-19 11:58:52 ET

i try not to go in my room unless im going to sleep. its a horrible mess.

2003-10-19 12:09:34 ET

i know that feeling... actually, i sometimes even avoid sleeping there.
concidering the fact that my room is the usual hangout to my friends; what happens is that usually they fall asleep there and i go to sleep in the living room because the mess makes me sick.
its like living in a freakin' barn:)
how messy is it anyway?

2003-10-19 12:12:37 ET

its really bad

2003-10-19 12:19:52 ET

roaches-running-around bad?

2003-10-19 12:20:58 ET

not dirty, just very very very cluttered.

2003-10-19 12:22:45 ET

sounds a bit like my life:)

2003-10-19 18:45:13 ET

I had to do that when i left for college....and then I had to do it again recently from all the shit I had built up. I attatch a great deal of senitmental value to objects, as I can remember e4vents in my life so crisply that way. It is, however, very healthy and neccessary to have a big ol overhaul once things have gotten out of hand, or when major life transition is afoot. Good for you dude :)

2003-10-20 11:52:14 ET

thanks lila:)
actually i'm just staring at empty walls right now.
its totally e m p t y.

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