down in it... really deep.
2003-11-01 13:44:13 ET

this week has been like a playable demo for HELL.
it started like every other shitty week. but then on monday night there was a fire in my family's business.
i dont know if i ever mentioned it, but my mom and dad runs this awsome event garden for weddings and stuff like that ( - its a really crappy and old site) and on monday night at around 4:00 AM a fire stated and large parts of the winter structure (we hold the events out in the open in the summertime) got burned.
ever since that night i've been working non-stop, both at my regular job and im my parents place, trying to get the place back to normal and running again. that ,offcourse, made me do a lot of cancelling in my regular job, and i'm really scared that im gonna get kicked the hell out.
i dont think it really got to me untill today. i was working with my father's workers, trying to clean the smog from the main structure-beams when i suddenly realized how bad is the damage, and i just set there on the burned wooden floor and stared at the place for an hour or so.
i really hope i'll make it through this week, because i have a strange feeling that its going to be worse.
right now, as i go to sleep, i really wish i could crewl under a rock and hyde there for a few days. maybe years.

2003-11-01 15:34:22 ET

sorry to hear that :(

2003-11-01 15:35:34 ET

we need to get you out and shake yer booty.
oh wait, we did that.

did we?

2003-11-05 07:41:45 ET

hey dude. I checked out your parent's site and i sent a little letter to it :) I hope everything is ok; I'm really sorry you are feeling so low.

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