everybody knows whats going on in the world
2004-02-09 03:47:58 ET

so what the hell is going on in myself?

as i woke up today i realized i got nothing. all those things i do, i just do it outta boredem. so i guess that was my wake-up call. at the end of this month i'll be free of all obligations made, and i think this time i'll just get the hell out of here. out of this house, out of this country, out of this rancid state of mind.

but then again, will running away will make it all better?

what do you do when you're 22 and got no clue where that time-waster you call life is going?

2004-02-09 04:03:54 ET

Consume invariable amounts of alcohol, I presume.
Preferably with friends who feel the same way.

2004-02-09 07:04:10 ET

Find something new to do. As for the leaving, well it depends on if you are leaving due to problems. If you are leaving due to having tons of problems ... then yes you are running away and that doesn't make it better. Now, if you are leaving and you have no obligations, everything is all fulfilled, then leaving can be a good thing because it can take you to new places and things where you might discover something new to do.

2004-02-09 07:28:42 ET

I don't necessarily see anything wrong with 'running away'.
Changing scenary can do more than you think.

2004-02-09 07:29:57 ET

In my opinion, there are lots of problems in running away from your problems. Running doesn't make your problems go away.

2004-02-09 08:17:33 ET

I think they occasionally do.

2004-02-09 11:27:44 ET

I therefore declare friday the 13th as the anti-valentines day! we shall consume alcohol in massive quantities, and I'll slap anyone who keeps being a whiny emo kid afterwards.
beverages and blow jobs will be served as appetizers!
(well, no, but that sounds like a hell of a party).

2004-02-09 21:51:04 ET

shay: i'm getting really sick of this whole alchohol\party thing. i just dont seem to enjoy it anymore :(
siren: finding something new to do isnt a problem. finding something new that you WANT to do is the real issue. and no, i'm not running away from problems HERE. the only problems i'm trying to escape are in my head.
noa: i therefore declare friday as the anti-awakeness day!!! i shell go to sleep and try to forget the... ammm.... yhea, that too... ah.... to forget it all!!! (that is unless you'll come over and slap me for keep being a whiny emo kid). hot chocolate-milk and pain-killers will be served as appetizers!

2004-02-10 04:01:58 ET

משנה מקום, משנה מזל, לא?

I know what you mean about the whole 'partying' schtick. Maybe I'm getting too old for this, but it's just not as fun as it used to be.
Though alcohol is always good. Nothing like forgetting your problems in the bottle.

2004-02-10 04:10:51 ET

actually, I've started working out so I can WALK over to your place, slap you, and get back home :D

2004-02-10 04:40:20 ET

I should work out too, and walk over to you guys. How long would it take by foot do u think? 4-5 hours, no?

2004-02-10 22:50:05 ET

3 hours i think. if you'll walk on the highway.
hey maybe we should test it?

2004-02-11 04:31:49 ET

maybe, if I'm in Israel next Yom Kippur or something.

2004-02-11 14:53:56 ET

fui, so i guess you're not fasting :)

2004-02-11 15:09:59 ET

I'm a heretic.

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