2004-02-17 20:38:30 ET

i pre-appologize for the spelling; im still half asleep.
so, monday i did my second psychometric test. i hope i did better on this one, though i didnt really care for it when i took it. i guess its one of those things.
yesterday i headed south cause i got summoned to a freakin' reserve army service. i guess that's what really pisses me off about living in this country: you never know when you're gonna have to play "army-boi"... so i took a ride with my dad who went south too cause he had some buisness there. when i got there it turned out that out of the 21 days i got called for i only have to do 3 days - good, but those three days are this weekend - bad. oh well, spending 3 days as a medic isnt that bad. i got alot of reading to do. too bad that that 40 year-old guy i'm replacing is taking his PS2 back home with him.

tonight i had the strangest dream: i was entering my grandfather's synagoge and there was this massive party going on there, techno-metal stuff, and all the old guys just stood there and smiled. then my grandfather (who's already passed-away) put a talit (a jewish cloth) on my shoulders, huged me and said that he's sorry that i came on such a bad day/time. this dream didnt feel religious at all, despite all the icons. its just gave me... a pleasent feeling.

2004-02-17 21:06:34 ET


2004-02-18 01:24:29 ET

3 days?

So you're back for the day?

2004-02-18 06:35:03 ET

weird dream, dude.

2004-02-18 19:09:11 ET

anagnorisis: nope. its not typical for a certain stream, you know.

yep, 3 days. and given the fact that i will be on stand-by most of the time and do nothing, i'll prolly freak-out outta boredem by friday noon.

and yes, weird dream indeed...
קרחנה דתית

2004-02-18 19:42:50 ET

I meant your t.
In Ashkenazzi it would be "talis"...
It's not Evreet (sorry about spelling), is it?

2004-02-19 05:58:57 ET

It is, it's the same thing.

2004-02-19 18:11:14 ET

Well that puts me in my place.
I haven't said a sentance of Hebrew in the last two years.

2004-02-19 19:01:18 ET

Eh, no big loss. If you wanna practice, feel free.

2004-02-19 19:02:15 ET

Hah.. I never learned to transliterate.
It's just because both of my parents lived in Israel for a very long time, so they spoke it around the house, before they broke up.

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