one night in bangkok
2004-04-22 22:12:53 ET

so, i landed in thailand yesterday.
hmmm... thats it.
its HOT.
more on that later.

=np: crappy thai music=

2004-04-23 03:33:49 ET

AWESOME! Details, details!

2004-04-23 04:34:51 ET

beware of the she-males ;)

2004-04-23 08:44:15 ET

yay, you're alive!

btw, you can u/l an infinity of piccies.

*credits go to Lila for showin it to moi*

2004-04-24 22:50:46 ET

actually i didnt got around to taking pics yet:)

2004-04-26 03:23:10 ET

Thank you, thank you ;)

2004-04-27 05:25:01 ET


Well, you should. Memory only serves as much, and you'll regret not having any.

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