2004-04-24 22:57:18 ET

so i left bangkok and after an endles bus\boat ride that lasted about 14 hours, i got to kohphangan, a small island at southern-thailand. i'm staying at haadrin at a beach called "sunset" and last night i took the 5 min walk to the opposite eastern beach called "sunrise" where all the parties are at. it was fun:)
anyway i'm thiabout staying here 'till the 5th of may, if i'll beto delay my flight to australia.

=np: crappy thai music. AGAIN.=

2004-04-24 22:57:56 ET


2004-04-25 01:46:26 ET


i have heard much about kohphangan.

2004-04-25 20:18:28 ET

noa: they have this thing called "a bucket of joy". you would have liked it:)

2004-04-26 01:56:29 ET

what's innit?

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