oz oz oz
2004-05-12 18:02:31 ET

so right now i'm in sydney for about a week or so now... sydney is lots of fun, though i'm thinking about going down to new zealand in about a week or so, mainly to meet a friend but also because most of the other travelers i meet here are either boring or stupid drunk asses.
guess i'll know in a couple of days.
in the meantime, i uploaded some pix to my www.imagestation.com site... check it out.
account name is itay242.
no worries!

2004-05-12 18:10:54 ET

wooo whats sydney like? is on my list of places to go before i die

2004-05-13 02:01:07 ET

no worries, mate ;)

2004-05-13 02:32:18 ET

stupid drunk assess eh?
good to know you miss the carbar kru ;(

2004-05-13 03:20:35 ET

Itay World Tour 2004! Sounds like you're having a blast; I need to take my ass on a world tour; I've only done regional venues around the US and Europe.
You should go out into the desert and have a transindental experience. Go do it....go now!...now I said!

2004-05-13 17:09:43 ET

hehe... lila, i already had a semi-transindental experience. but thats kindda classified (noa- shoosh!). main problem here is that i'm very picky with the friends i make, and, well... dumbasses all over the place. i really like traveling on my own, but it would be nice to meet a farmiliar face down in NZ (who happens to be my best friend, and happens to have a car there and shit). i'm really into going into the desert and all... but i'm in a major dilema right now :( as it seems right now, a detour to NZ will cost me around 350 aussie dollars. i really dunno...

noa: you guys are graceful stupid drunk assess... well, graceful compared to what going on here.

jackie: sydney is really nice. but like every other major city, it gets on your nerves in about two weeks or so.

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