2004-06-23 19:06:38 ET

-taupo to auckland
-auckland boring
-auckland to paihia: 7 hitch-hikes in 7 hours. damn long day.
-tomorrow: up to cape rienga.
-saturday: sonic youth gig in auckland.

2004-06-23 20:52:19 ET

unrelated to your post, but I just have to say that you have one of the best SK names I've seen thus far. What's the meaning behind rubber ducky mayhem?

2004-06-24 00:19:38 ET

uhm..yeah, what IS the meaning behind rubber ducky mayhem ??

2004-06-25 13:54:59 ET

well, boys and girls and... stuff in between:
it all started at this militia group i started back when i was in med-course back in the dark army days, called "the rubber ducky militia" (squick squick)... it consisted mostly of my self and my beloved harley-queen doll (i dont care what Dr. schnaider says, she IS talking to me!) and our many hectic activities included... well... blowing up sergical gloves untill they exploded. offcourse it all came to a halt when harley and i had some iddiologic indifferances reguarding the use of gummy-bears in our fight for a better world.
and that where the name is from.

2004-06-25 17:42:47 ET

good deal.

2004-06-26 05:53:02 ET


I want a Harley Queen doll O_O

2004-06-26 16:06:12 ET

drop by my house and take care of mine.
i think she's lonely:)

2004-06-27 01:00:03 ET


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