its the wind under my raincoat
2004-06-30 00:58:12 ET

and all around me i guess. cause there is wind in wellington. all the time. the kind that can turn you into a human sailboat.
got a few days to spend here before i'm going back to oz... idan just called and told me he's gonna be here saturday. yay! someone to drink with! (who is'nt british, that is :))
tomorrow i'll spend my day exploring all those things i didnt got to on my first visit to the "te papa" museum.
and catch this industrial night here (should be interasting)

2004-06-30 03:20:02 ET

Hey yo! I just caught myself up on your adventure. You love hitchhiking, eh? Well, keep it to industrialized nations that are NOT the U.S. of A in case you ever decide to trek around here.....hitchhiking in the United States is like volunteering for a serial killing.
Is your whole trip taking place in the australian continent? It must be so beautiful there; do you happen to be posting pictures anywhere like trekshare or the like?
I have been experiencing major wanderlust lately....grrrr; but I'm so locked in right now.
Anyways, keep taking care of yourself; find some exotic snack to try and report back about :)

2004-07-01 03:37:49 ET

hey lila!
hitch hiking here is so differant then anywhere else; people are so fuckin' nice, they just wanna take care of their visitors... i know exectly what you mean about the serial killer thing, i thought i almost got on one's car (he had a bigg ass kricket bat on the back seat and no teeth) but he turned out to be the coolest guy ever:)
yhea, most of my trip is here in the "down under" and it IS fuckin' beautiful... i posted loads of pix in
under the username "itay242" so check it out!
exotic snack of the day: "vegemite": i dunno why the hell those aussies and kiwis like that awful tastes like death in a jar!

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