crying at airports
2004-10-28 22:50:15 ET

well, about a week ago, at noon time, here in byron bay at the north shores of australia, i was under the influence.
well what new about that, you ask? this time i woke up in my tent around midnight, holding my soring head in one hand and a flight-ticket to fiji on the other.
moral of the story kids: never under estimate your credit card skills while half-concious.
so, in a week or so i'm off to spend some time in fiji, for chills, kills and cheap thrills... and offcourse for that blessed holy stamp in my passport, telling the world (and the immagration officials) that i got six more months to spend in australia.
now i gotta go before they close the liquer shop.

np: human waste project

2004-11-24 07:35:28 ET

KID, where are you getting all this money? I AM SO JEALOUS.
I suppose, however, European and Quasi-European (i.e. memebers of participating Middle Eastern countries) are born and raised with a notition nurtured: money is for use in experience. Americans are raised with 'money is for use on things and obligations.' We are programmed that we better hoard our money in case 'the shit goes down.' We're all imminantly waiting for the shit to go down. Or people are just spending it on bullshit they see on TV. One or the other :)

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