2004-12-20 23:06:03 ET

driving through the worlds biggest sand-island.
sailing on a racing-yacht through the whitsunday islands, drunk as hell.
surfing in noosa.
walking through the rainforest jungles of cape tribulation.
i love north queensland.
i think i might found HOME.

2004-12-21 06:27:19 ET

come back home you bastard..! :(

2004-12-21 08:09:15 ET

Damn it Itay. DAMN IT. why do you have to make me look at my life of ambition with such disgust? I AM VERY JEALOUS OF YOU!!!

2004-12-25 16:29:47 ET

shay: actually x-mass time at the outback make me wish i was home... nah!!!!!! but still, everything is so DEAD in here it gives me the creeps sometimes. and NO!!! i'm not going home! i'm gonna go back to the whitsunday islands and find a job as a deck-boy (aka "skipper's bitch") on a tour boat. but that's only after i'll catch the "big day out" festival (beastie boys, chem brothers, system of a down ect.) so how's things back home? ;)

lila: thats strange. usually i look at my life of... hmmm... "un-ambition" with disgust. dont be jealous. the truth is that i am very lonely and confused. but SHHHHHH!!!! thats a secret.

2004-12-26 10:45:18 ET

I hate you. :(

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