body count: 126
2004-12-25 16:47:07 ET

kangaroo bodies offcourse.
in various levels of decay.
driving through the australian outback can really get you bored, as you can see. its been 4 days since we left cairns south west into the desert-land, driving for apx. 9 hours a day through the great nothing, sleeping in the back of our van and regressing to communication through hand movements and growls. the outback smells of two things: rotten kangaroo courpses when its dry and like a wooden saunna when it rains. but the sky... the most beutiful sky i've ever seen (* enter "little fluffy clouds" here*).
last night we hitted civilasation in the form of the town of alice springs. to celebrate the occasion we got dead-pissed at the local bar and since we didnt have anywhere to stay these two italian angels kicked us into a shower (its about time!) and let us crash in their dorm room.
those girls are fuckin' saints.
anyway, i'm stuck here in the alice untill my car will be fixed, a little oopsie because its FUCKING X-MASS!!! damn it, jesus dude! you couldnt find a better time to be born at?
now its time to leave the air-con internet shop... grrr

2004-12-26 10:52:17 ET

Alice Springs is beautiful..
Sounds like high adventure to me, mate :)

2004-12-30 19:51:38 ET

the alice is a shit-hole.
but it was all good fun.

2004-12-31 08:22:24 ET

shuddup before I bitchslap you ;)

Like Dvir did

2005-01-01 16:00:11 ET

i cant fuckin' belive it!!!!
where the hell did this picture came from?!?!?
oh, the memories...
(god i was so fat then)

2005-01-02 11:32:00 ET

I keep this pic close to my heart ^_^

2005-01-03 22:47:42 ET

i'll pay to have it destroyed.
my currancy is gummy bears and dead bugs.

2005-01-04 12:30:17 ET


2005-01-08 19:47:05 ET

the original drug abusing cartoon....
nothing like speed snortin' little cute bears.

2005-01-09 01:37:05 ET

I've been watching some episodes, it's like, a totally serious show. I can't believe they ever took it off the air.

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