knock-out on round #2
2005-02-11 15:37:31 ET

well, job hunt was a complete failure... and after a week in airley beach i grabed my stuff and hitched a ride to cairns.
while here, i'll prolly try to kill myself in a "diving accident" or get lost in the jungle and run into a croc "by mistake".
i guess i'm over-reacting... but that job really ment alot to me. i really tried so hard and still, no go.
sometimes i feel this entire journey means nothing.
maybe it IS time to go home.

2005-02-12 17:22:22 ET


we miss you here buddy

if you wanna stay
I'm sure something will come up

You can be a roadie for Useless ID ;)

2005-02-13 19:11:21 ET

*thinking about it*

man, i know i'm a money-whore... but i'm not sinking THAT low :)
anyway, i'm doing a diving course on the great barier reef starting tomorrow and i'm thinking about heading straight back to thailand afterwards...
i will be back in oz the minuete i'll get my hand on a working visa:)

2005-02-14 09:55:43 ET

though you'll find the great barrier reef not that different from diving in sinai.. only..err.. deeper n' stuff.

have fun
don't get infected with some STD

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