die, couples, die
2005-02-13 19:15:22 ET

i'd like to take this lovely valentines-day opportunity to declare:
there is nothing i hate more then couples.
and people in love.
and that they have to celebrate the fuck'n thing and rub it in my face.
ok, bye

2005-02-13 20:10:50 ET


2005-02-14 08:06:29 ET

Shut Mr. Living-the-Life-of-an-early-20t-century-poet-in-the-crappy-21st-century!
Did you get that? ;)

2005-02-14 09:59:16 ET


2005-02-17 21:20:15 ET

lila, you are an exeption :)
(did i spell that right?)

2005-02-18 11:23:16 ET

"Exception" but I still got it. I am no spelling facist like most people on sk.net anyways; I can't spell to save my bee-hind.

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