the float
2005-02-22 17:17:24 ET

and like that, another chapter is soon to be finished.
i did some diving in the reef and as i was swimming through the deep blue, could be that the pressure at 20 m deep got to me and my brain finally popped with the answer: "its time to leave."
so this saturday i'm catching a flight to sydney, and from there back to bangkok, to explore as much of south-east asia as i can by mid-april...
north thailand, laos, cambodia and vietnam are on the plan at the moment.
and i'm trying to brush up my thai untill i get there, so karp-kun krap for reading and happy days

2005-02-22 17:20:38 ET


don't catch any of those hideous diseases they got there..!

2005-02-22 17:32:40 ET

oh, you're talking about the ones i brought in here with me after last time i was there?:)

2005-02-22 21:09:04 ET


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